Name: Kasper Tore Vinten
Nationality: Danish 
MSc education: Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Current position: PhD Candidate at Amsterdam UMC 
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Riekelt Houtkooper, Dr. Georges Janssens, Dr. Rubén Zapata-Pérez 
Social media handles: LinkedIn 
Description of the project:The focus of the present project is reduced NAD+ precursors in a translational setting. This encompasses two main aspects: (1) exploring the supplementation of NAD+ precursors to examine viability markers in human oocytes in vitro, and (2) studying the safety and efficacy of NAD+ precursors in animal models. Additionally, a third aspect aims to evaluate the occurrence of NAD+ precursors in extracts from natural sources. 
Favorite way to keep NAD levels high: Exercise