Name: Qi Zhang 
Nationality: Chinese 
MSc education: Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Current position: PhD Candidate 
Supervisors: Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, Riekelt Houtkooper 
Description of the project:Recently, reduced NAD precursors such as dihydronicotinamide riboside has been shown to increase NAD levels to a higher extend than non-reduced precursors. The purpose of my project is to explore how reduced precursors might impact aging in cells and organisms. To do this, I will treat senescent cells with nicotinamide riboside and dihydronicotinamide riboside and apply microscopic and cell biology approaches to investigate the effect of NAD replenishment on senescent cells. I will further test nicotinamide riboside and dihydronicotinamide riboside on the life and healthspan of drosophila melanogaster, a model of aging. The investigation will allow us to further our understanding of how NAD replenishment might impact health and lifespan.