Name:Herma Renkema
MSc education:Medical Biology (Utrecht)
PhD education:Biochemistry (U v Amsterdam)
Postdoc education:Biochemistry (Amsterdam) HIV biology (Tampere, Finland) Mitochondrial biology (Nijmegen)
Current position:Chief Scientific Officer, Khondrion
DCs:Melisa Emel Ermert
Social media handles:My LinkedIn
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Description of my lab’s work:Khondrion’s development programme is based on more than 10 years of academic research, leveraging the increased understanding of the underlying mechanisms of primary mitochondrial disease in combination with the development of new cellular readouts.   Khondrion’s drug development strategy is based on counteracting these cellular consequences to stall disease progression and to restore normal cellular function.   Our lead compound sonlicromanol was developed based on a comprehensive screening programme after we had first determined the most direct disease-causing factors present across most of the now known pathogenic variants in genes causing mitochondrial diseases – i.e. reductive distress, oxidative distress and inflammation
Top 3 publications:  
Favorite way to keep NAD levels high:Biking to work