Name:Santina Bruzzone
MSc education:Biological Sciences, University of Genova (Italy)
PhD education:Biotechnology applied to Pharmacology and Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology applied to Biomedicine, University of Milan (Italy)
Postdoc education:2001 Post-doctoral position at the Dept of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota, Prof. HC Lee’s lab (Minneapolis, MN).
2002-2005 Post-doctoral position at the Department of Experimental Medicine–Section of Biochemistry, University of Genova (Italy).
2002-2003 Visiting researcher for different periods of time in Prof. AH Guse’s lab (Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany), within a collaboration granted by Progetto Vigoni-DAAD.  
Current position:Full Professor of Biochemistry, School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Genova (Italy)
DC:Raúl Pérez Mato
Social media handles:Facebook; LinkedIn
Description of my lab’s work:In our lab, we have a number of research projects related to NAD synthesis and NAD signalling pathways to identify new therapeutical strategies. The main topics are:
– Modulating CD38 and NAD-derived second messengers in white adipose tissue “browning” (within NADIS)
– Blocking NAD synthesis, targeting NAMPT and/or NAPRT, in cancer
– Fueling NAD synthesis to counteract neuroinflammation/neurodegeneration
– Pharmacological inhibition of SIRT6 in skin cancer
– SIRT6 role in skeletal muscle dystrophy
Top 3 publications:SIRT6 pharmacological inhibition delays skin cancer progression in the squamous cell carcinoma – PubMed (  

CD38 downregulation modulates NAD+ and NADP(H) levels in thermogenic adipose tissues – PubMed (  

SIRT6 deacetylase activity regulates NAMPT activity and NAD(P)(H) pools in cancer cells – PubMed (