Name:Eija Pirinen
MSc education:Biotechnology, University of Kuopio, Finland 1999
PhD education:Molecular Medicine, University of Kuopio, Finland 2009
Postdoc education:Johan Auwerx lab, EPFL, Switzerland 7/2010-2013
Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara lab, University of Helsinki, Finland 2014-8/2015
Current positions:Associate Professor (tenure), University of Oulu, Finland University Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland
DC:Thomas Brochard
Social media handles:X (@pirinenlab)
Description of my lab’s work:The focus of our lab is to investigate mechanisms behind NAD+ metabolism alterations and/or mitochondrial dysfunction in obesity, cancer cachexia and inherited mitochondrial disorders. The overall goal of our research is to develop novel mitochondria activating treatments such as NAD+ boosting strategies for metabolic diseases.  
Top 3 publications:
Favorite ways to keep NAD levels high:Bicycling, tennis, cross-country and alpine skiing, and Nordic diet.