Name:Thomas Brochard
MSc education:Biochemistry, Aging, Molecular Biology
Current position:PhD Candidate
Supervisors:A/Prof. Dr. Eija Pirinen, Prof. Dr. Santina Bruzzone, Dr. Juulia Lautaoja-Kivipelto
Social media handles:LinkedIn 
Description of the project:Maintaining proper NAD+ metabolism is crucial for the effective production of energy in mitochondria. Disrupted NAD+ metabolism has been associated with various diseases, including obesity and cancer cachexia. Researchers are exploring different approaches to enhance NAD+ levels as potential solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of declining NAD+ on health. The primary strategies currently under investigation involve (a) supplementing NAD+ precursors and (b) inhibiting NAD+ consumption. Recently, some consideration has been given to combining NAD+ boosters with other medications, such as antioxidants, although this field of study is not yet well-explored. This project aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the connection between NAD+ metabolism and obesity and cancer cachexia and the application of NAD+ repletion strategies, either alone or in conjunction with redox modulators, to address these disorders. In addition, the project aims to determine the potential of NAD+ depletion as a biomarker for cancer-related cachexia, and possibly lung fibrosis.
Favorite way to keep NAD levels high:Sport, Energy starvation