Maria’s secondment

During my secondment in the Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics at EPFL, I had the unique opportunity to conduct an experiment involving the treatment of murine cells from subcutaneous tissue with NAD+ precursors and a PARP1 inhibitor. The process was highly interesting to me and included: the extraction of the stromal-vascular fraction, FACS sorting of the cells into preadipocytes, adipogenesis regulator cells (Aregs), and adipose stromal cells (ASCs), plating the subpopulations until they reached full confluence, and treating them with selected precursors while inducing adipogenesis. Cells were collected at two different time points for RNA extraction and subsequent BRB-sequencing, with data analysis still pending.

Outside the lab, I enjoyed the breathtaking views of the lake and mountains, a nice contrast to the cityscape of Amsterdam.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the head of the lab, Bart Deplancke, NADIS PI Carles Canto, NADIS DC Laurine, and closely related to NADIS, Marie, as well as all the other lab members who welcomed me and taught me about their research.






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